To onboard with Airwallex as an a TPPClosedThird-Party Provider – an authorised online service provider introduced as part of Open Banking. TPPs exist outside of the account holder’s relationship with their bank but may be involved in transactions carried out by the user., you'll need to visit our Developer Dashboard — you can also use the link above in the top navigation bar from anywhere in this documentation — to create a developer account, confirm your email address, and sign in.

If you're a new member, provide your NCAClosedNational competent authorities are organisations that have the legally delegated or invested authority, or power to perform a designated function, normally monitoring compliance with the national statutes and regulations. registration number as it appears in your QSealCClosedQualified eSeal Certificate – “seals” app data, sensitive documents and other communications to ensure they are tamperproof and originate from a trustworthy source. certificate and click Okay. Next, you can upload your QSealC now or you can choose to do it later but, until you do, any activity in the dashboard will be confined to our sandbox environment.

Next, in the dashboard, click Sandbox in the card on the left to get started in our testing environment, then follow the guidance next, in sequence, by clicking the arrow below on the right.