Package io.token.sdk

Class BankAccountAuthorizer

  • public class BankAccountAuthorizer
    extends java.lang.Object
    A helper tool used to generate bank account authorizations for linking with the Token System.
    • Method Detail

      • builder

        public static BankAccountAuthorizer.Builder builder​(java.lang.String bankId)
        Creates a new builder for the given bank id.
        bankId - the id of the bank
        a builder
      • createAuthorization

        public io.token.proto.banklink.Banklink.BankAuthorization createAuthorization​(java.lang.String memberId,
                                                                                      java.util.List<NamedAccount> accounts)
        Creates a new bank account linking authorization.
        memberId - the token memberId to be authorized
        accounts - a list of accounts to be linked with the member ID
        a bank account linking authorization