Class BulkTransferRequest

  • public abstract class BulkTransferRequest
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • BulkTransferRequest

        public BulkTransferRequest()
    • Method Detail

      • getTokenBulkTransferId

        public abstract java.lang.String getTokenBulkTransferId()
        Returns Token bulk transfer ID for the bulk transfer. Token OS generated this ID.
        token bulk transfer ID
      • getConsentId

        public abstract java.lang.String getConsentId()
        Returns the consent id for this bulk transfer. Token OS generated this id.
        consent id
      • getRefId

        public abstract java.lang.String getRefId()
        Returns a reference ID for the bulk transfer. This is the same reference ID on the bulk transfer token. This value is set by the initiator, e.g. a merchant.
        token reference ID
      • getTokenInitiatorId

        public abstract java.lang.String getTokenInitiatorId()
        Returns token initiator ID, the member ID of the initiator, who initiated the bulk transfer request and set the ref ID. This is the same value as initiator_id on the bulk transfer token payload.
        token initiator ID
      • getTransfers

        public abstract java.util.List<BulkTransferRequest.Transfer> getTransfers()
        Returns the list of transfers.
        transfers list
      • getTotalAmount

        public abstract java.math.BigDecimal getTotalAmount()
        Returns the total transfer amount (regardless of currency).
        total transfer amount
      • getAccount

        public abstract io.token.proto.common.account.AccountProtos.BankAccount getAccount()
        Returns bank account of the payer.
        bank account
      • getDescription

        public abstract java.lang.String getDescription()
        Returns Token bulk transfer description.
        bulk transfer description