Interface ConsentManagementService

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    public interface ConsentManagementService
    Implemented by a bank to receive notifications when consent is created and revoked.
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      • onConsentCreated

        void onConsentCreated​(io.token.proto.common.consent.ConsentProtos.Consent consent)
        Indicates that consent has been granted.

        Consent can be one of two types: "payment" and "information access." If the consent is a payment then the Payment field will contain the transfer amount and total lifetime value of the payment authorization as well as the transfer destinations. If the consent is for information access then the Information field will contain the list of resources that are being accessed.

        Consent will always contain the BankAccount of the user, as well as their Token member ID and the ID of the Token linked to the consent.

        consent - the consent that was granted
      • onConsentRevoked

        void onConsentRevoked​(java.lang.String tokenId)
        Indicates that consent has been revoked.
        tokenId - Token ID of the consent being revoked