When using Token APIs, many important data structures are defined as Protocol Buffers, also known as "protobuffers" and "protobufs". The build process generates Java code from these, along with code in other programming languages.

You can learn more about this Java code. A quick start: If you have a Java object based on a protocol buffer definition, to get the value of the field named tool_name, there are methods named getToolName...; To create a Java object of a class based on a protocol buffer definition named Tool, call Tool.newBuilder().setToolName("Nice tool").build();.

You can get the newest protocol buffer definitions by downloading the most recent jars from https://token.jfrog.io/token/list/public-libs-release-local/io/token/proto/ For protocol buffers, you want the "regular" jars, not `javadoc` or `sources`.