.Net SDK

C# SDK for interacting with TokenOS.

Account linking and notification features are currently not supported.


On Windows

There are no prerequisites for Windows.

On Linux and OSX

  1. Install Mono from here.

    Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework. It brings the .NET framework to non-Windows envrionments like Linux and OSX.

  2. Install libsodium library.

    libsodium is a cross-platform crypto library written in C. The SDK uses a wrapper of the library for Ed25519 signature generation and verification.

    For OSX:

    brew install libsodium

    For Linux:

    sudo apt-get install libsodium-dev

    For more information, see here.


Follow the steps above, make sure you have ruby and curl installed.

To build the SDK and run tests:


Using the SDK

To use the SDK, add the Nuget package as a dependency to your project file:

    <PackageReference Include="Token.SDK.Net" Version="1.0.8" />