Understanding Payment Initiation Status: Values and Meaning

The table below lists the Token status values for a transfer token and its corresponding definition.

Transaction Status
Value Status Description
0 INVALID_STATUS Status of the transaction is otherwise unknown
1 PENDING Transaction has been submitted and is pending bank action
2 SUCCESS Transaction has been successfully executed
3 FAILURE_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Transaction failed due to insufficient funds in debtor account ("NSF")
4 FAILURE_INVALID_CURRENCY Transaction failed due to a an unsupported currency or currency mismatch
5 FAILURE_GENERIC Transaction failed due to reasons other than those included in this list
6 FAILURE_PERMISSION_DENIED Transaction failed due to an access violation
7 PROCESSING Transaction is being processed by the bank
10 FAILURE_CANCELED Transaction failed due to cancellation/roll back by the user
11 FAILURE_QUOTE_EXPIRED Transaction failed due to expiration of the quoted exchange rate
12 FAILURE_INVALID_AMOUNT Transaction failed due to an invalid/unsupported amount
13 FAILURE_INVALID_QUOTE Transaction failed due to an invalid exchange rate
14 FAILURE_EXPIRED Transaction failed to complete within the allotted time
15 PENDING_EXTERNAL_AUTHORIZATION Transaction requires authorisation by the user-accountholder to complete
16 SENT Transaction has been submitted but has not been acknowledged by the bank

Transaction has been initiated

18 FAILURE_DECLINED Transaction is rejected due to the state of the user account ("Account Closed" or "Account Locked")
19 STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE Transfer status cannot be determined

Bank-generated payment_id and payment_status are included in the payment status response. However, all banks do not return the “final” status to Token, and the flow is therefore considered successful at an earlier state of the transaction.

Please be aware that Token’s SUCCESS status does not guarantee funds transfer. It merely indicates/confirms the success of a payment initiation. SUCCESS means the final status on the bank’s side has been reached, regardless of whether or not this status is shared with Token, and there will be no further updates from the bank.

For non-instant transfers, TPPs are strongly advised to look at the combination of statuses — Token’s status, as well as the final status from the bank — for a risk-based approach; otherwise, TPPs are advised to rely on end-to-end reconciliation for final status confirmation.

A unique payment_idDomesticPaymentID defined in the OBIE Open Banking Specification — is provided by UK banks to aid in resolving any domestic payment issues that arise.

To summarise with regard to transfer processing, status values can be classified by phase — Queued, Intermediate, and Final — as defined in the following diagram.