Transitioning to Production

When you're confident in your integration test results in the sandbox for the Open Banking use cases you intend to support, you're ready to transition to our production environment. This essentially means re-registering as a production TPP member that is either (a) using Token's licence or (b) using your own licence and providing the necessary certifications.

To make the transition:

  1. Click Dashboard in the navigation panel, then click Go Live. An outline of next steps is presented.

    Click Redirect to begin your transition to production.

    Tip: Alternatively, your can just go to

  2. Enter the required registration information — First Name, Last Name, Company Email, Company Name (optional), Application, and Password — agree to Token's terms and privacy policy, then click Create Account.

    If you used the redirect button, your production registration is prepopulated, except for Password.

To activate production:

  1. Click the pointer for Business Information, provide the required information and click Save. Here's an example:

  2. Click the pointer for Your Product Usecases, provide the required descriptions and industry, then click Save. Here's an example:

  3. Click the pointer for Eidas Registration, then:
    1. Click Create CSR and select a CSR type, either QWACClosedQualified Web Authentication Certificate – certificate that validates your identity and role as a Payment Service Provider to your customers and other business, while encrypting and authenticating sensitive data. or QSealCClosedQualified eSeal Certificate – “seals” app data, sensitive documents and other communications to ensure they are tamperproof and originate from a trustworthy source. — you are allowed to select both if you will use both — and click Save.

    2. If you have a Distinguished Name (DN), provide it and click Yes. If you don't have an existing DN, click No. Here's an example of the latter:

    3. If you answered No to (b), provide your company details, then click Complete. Here's an example:

    4. Click Download to save your certificate in a safe place, then click Complete.

    Your newly created and saved certificate is now listed in your Certificate Management setting (example pictured).

  4. Click Dashboard in the navigation panel, then click Sandbox in the card on the left.
  5. Click the pointer for API Key, then Generate an API key for production or Upload your public key.

    Tip: Refer to the guidance in Generate or Upload an Authentication Key for help. Although applied in different environments, the procedures for sandbox and production are identical.

  6. Click Request Production Deployment.

As indicated, the information you provided remains Pending Approval until reviewed and validated by Token. Once this process is completed and approval is granted, you will receive a confirmation email like the following:

Congratulations! Your production URL for the dashboard is now Bookmark it.

In production mode, you can filter a Dashboard Overview (pictured above) of your Token-supported open banking activity by relative Date (Last Week, Last Month, Last 3 months, Last 6 months) or by Custom Dates for which you set the specific Start Date and End Date. You can further filter your recorded activity by Account Access or Transfer.

Your performance metrics are organised by Total Payment Activity, Successful Payments, Error Volume (number of errors conditions countered, if any), and Conversion Rate (percentage of requests initiated that were not abandoned/aborted by the end-user before completion).