Migrating an Existing Member

If you're an existing Token TPP member that has implemented the Token SDK in your project and you want to set up signing, or if you're a TPP member that's been using Token's REST API with an API Key and you want to switch to signing authentication, follow these steps to establish your signing authorisation with Token:

  1. When prompted — Are you an existing member? — enter (copy-paste) your Member ID and click Yes.

  2. Your existing pre-authentication payload is displayed with a prompt to use your private key to sign the authorisation payload.

  3. Click Copy Payload, then use your preferred signing tool to paste the payload into your preferred signing tool, add your private key, and generate a signature.
  4. Copy the signature generated by your preferred signing tool and, returning to the dashboard, paste it into the Signature field under Member Validation, then click Complete.

You're now set up to use signing with your existing membership.