To onboard with Token as an a TPPClosedThird-Party Provider – an authorised online service provider introduced as part of Open Banking. TPPs exist outside of the account holder’s relationship with their bank but may be involved in transactions carried out by the user., you'll need to visit our Developer Dashboard — you can also use the link above in the top navigation bar from anywhere in this documentation — to create a developer account, confirm your email address, and sign in.

Upon signing in, if you're an existing member, provide your Member ID when prompted (see Migrating an Existing Member below for additional guidance). Otherwise, click No

If you're a new member, you can opt to use either Token's licenceClosedRegulatory permission to conduct open banking/PSD2 business as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP), a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP), or both. You apply for licencing to the FCA and/or its European counterparts by enrolling in the Open Banking Directory, which includes verified details of all participants – a crucial part of the Open Banking ecosystem. or your own TPP license You can make the decision later but, until you do, any activity in the dashboard will be confined to our sandbox environment. If you are prepared to register your own licence and certificates now, click No, I have my own [licence]. Otherwise, click Yes, I need to use the Token licence or opt to make a decision on this later by clicking I'll do this later.

Note: If you choose to register your own licence now, skip to the guidance in Using Your Own Licence before returning here to continue onboarding.

Next, in the dashboard, click Sandbox in the card on the left to get started in our testing environment, then follow the guidance next, in sequence, by clicking the arrow below on the right.