Using Your Own License

Should you choose to use your own licence instead of Token's paid data services, you'll need to provide important information related to certification.

To create your CSR:

  1. Click Okay in answer to Do you want to create your CSR now?
  2. Select a CSR type, either QWACClosedQualified Web Authentication Certificate – certificate that validates your identity and role as a Payment Service Provider to your customers and other business, while encrypting and authenticating sensitive data. or QSealCClosedQualified eSeal Certificate – “seals” app data, sensitive documents and other communications to ensure they are tamperproof and originate from a trustworthy source. — you are allowed to select both if you will use both — and click Save.

  3. If you have a Distinguished Name (DN), provide it and click Yes. If you don't have an existing DN, click No. Here's an example of the latter:

  4. If you answered No to Step 3, provide your company details, then click Complete. Here's an example:

  5. Click Download to save your certificate in a safe place, then click Complete.

Return to Onboarding if you have not yet completed the onboarding process.