Step 2. Set up the Client

Regardless of the language you choose, with the SDK incorporated as a library in your application's IDE, you first need to set up a TokenClient that saves your users' private keys to a directory called keys. If you need to securely store keys elsewhere, you can implement an IKeyStore using the SDK's unsecured file system key store class as a guide. See Step 7 for more on key storage and management.

Here's how to create the client:

Path keys = Files.createDirectories(Paths.get("./keys"));

TokenClient tokenClient = TokenClient.builder()

    .withKeyStore(new UnsecuredFileSystemKeyStore(keys.toFile()))



Here are the relevant APIClosedApplication Programming Interface – a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software. APIs let your product or service communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented. technical references: