Step 6. Set up a Business Member Profile

Each business member has a profile with a display name and a picture that helps users find the member they want without having to remember an alias or ID. The display name must be your business name. It identifies you in push notifications sent to your users' apps, thereby avoiding confusion and unintended purchases/cancellations; for example, a push message on your behalf indicating "Southside Clothiers is requesting €10" as opposed to "Unidentified merchant is requesting €10."

Here's how to set/replace your profile's display name and picture:

Profile name = Profile.newBuilder()






member.setProfilePictureBlocking("image/jpeg", PICTURE);


Profile profile = member.getProfileBlocking(member.memberId());

Use the getProfileBlocking method to retrieve a profile as it is currently set.

Note: As a business member, you can only set your own profile. But, if you know another member's ID, you can get that member's profile, presuming the member exists.

Here are the relevant API references: